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So ,well, as you might not have gathered by now- my name is Maritza (but I prefer Maz) and Iím a qualified Hair and Make Up artist. Iím currently based in Manchester, but Iím pretty willing to travel anywhere that calls Ė especially if the sun is shining !

This website highlights my LOVE, LOVE LOVE for hair and make up and I have been loving it (yes clichťd) since a small girl. I genuinely never thought that I would admit to this- but I was the kinda little girl that collected Barbies, (yes really) played with Girls Worlds (freaky looking hair dummy thing) and snuck into my mumís make up bag and smeared it ALL on at the same time, (wrong, I know). Today, however, I can assure you all though that I do not favour the colour pink, I do not look like a plastic doll nor do I think I am a little bit stupid. I am in fact a very sane, very passionate, make up- loving gal, who of course respects the arts of Hair and Make Up.

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It's gone from one extreme to the other recently, from no time to write my post, to lots of time to write..the reason? I caught some dreaded flu from someone and 4 weeks on I am still feeling like a complete invalid. Urgh! However, no rest for the wicked and I've still been doing shoots and dropping things last minute to make sure that I can get jobs done. All in the name of free lance I guess :) So, while I've had to keep myself resting, I've had a chance to think over the shoots and contemplate some of the answers to the questions Ive had on from Models and clients. One of the main subjects that keeps cropping up is the topic about Skin, in particular Skin care for the face and skin prepping for make up. I've been really surprised at how little time people spend looking after their skin and also how little thought has gone into looking after it too. Lots of people out there are using cleansing wipes and make up wipes in general- Noooooooooooooooo!! Is all I can think! The skin on your face (in my opinion) should be treated with love and affection as it's with you for life and it is the one of the first things that you see everyday that you look into the mirror. From the feedback that I've had, so many people like to use certain wipes, in particular baby wipes or facial wipes and so on purely down to the convenience factor. It's quick and easy before people collapse in to bed! So I must confess, I used to be one of these people, and I too used to be a wipe addict. Until, that is, in recent years, I started to look after my own skin due to the fact that I could start to see a few wrinkles (yikes!) and due to the fact that I developed Mid 20s acne. So I really began to look into products and skin care, while trying to understand what products were going on my skin and not just into my body. Ive also found out over recent years from Beauty experts to Make up experts that wipes are in fact the worst thing that you could use, and that they don't clean your skin properly from all the make up and dirt that your face collects during a day. The worst thing that we could do, is to not clean our face properly from day to day and we continue everyday to do the same.† It is therefore inevitable that blocked pores will build up which are closely followed by spot breakouts and uneven skin and so on. Seeing as I was so horrified at the wipe versus amazing skin topic, I thought I would list for you my step by step guide on how to look after your skin on a regular basis and also- more importantly, how to prep your skin before applying make up. Remember, a well prepped face allows for your make up to stay on all day, without sliding or causing you to break out in spots by the evening. Sooooo...... 1). Use your fingers tips, spread a Milk Cleanser all over your face, leaving much of it on the† surface of your skin. Don't forget your neck (a lot of people do). I personally use Guinot Lait Hydra Fraicheur, for all skin types, and I order it online as it's just a little bit cheaper. . However I know a lot of people also use Dermalogica or Simple Products, so alternatively you can pick these up by popping into your local Beauty store. Whatever the brand, as long as it is a Cleanser, then this will do. 2. The next step is to take 2 cotton wool pads; separate them and then damp both of them lightly with tap water (warm). Then simply use them to wipe off the cleanser by starting at the top of your forehead, sweeping down over each side of your face. Try to keep each pad to its separate side of the face, ie: one pad for each side of the face. A bit like a beauty facial if you have ever had one. 3. Repeat the, above, cleanser and the cotton wool pad stage AGAIN. Think of it like at the hairdressers, when they give you 2 shampoos before they cut your hair. The first stage is to remove oils on the surface the next stage is to clean your hair and scalp properly. In this case, it is for your skin, but I suspect the reasons are fairly similar. 4. The next and final step of cleaning your skin is all about Toner. This is a light liquid, which to me feels a bit like water, and is normally used to remove any excess grease on your face. I prefer again to use a toner from Guinot, but again there are lots of other products, so as long as it is a Toner, then just use this. To use your toner, simply pour a bit onto to cotton pads again and sweep down and around both sides of your face, making sure that you sweep 4over your neck too, in order to remove any excess grease or dirt that you may have missed. 5. The final step is to moisturise. This should be with a moisturiser that is suitable for your skin and which contains an SPF in it- preferable 40 or over. Then voila! Your skin should feel supple, clean and fresh. Simply do this once in the morning and once before you go to bed, and this should work a treat. Your skin will definitely thank you for it! Oooh and of course, as I've already said, try also doing the above if you are just about to put some make up on or going out for the night, as this will be the perfect foundation - err- to your foundation- and will allow your base to really sit freshly on your skin without looking caked or tired. Enjoy! M x          

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